Have you ever felt as if you were lost in your life? As if you did not have a direction and weren’t sure what the next step in your life should be? Maybe you have a vague sense of what your goals are, but don’t have a strategy. Or maybe it is the opposite, you have a strategy for how you approach problems but you aren’t totally sure what your goal actually is. Clarity in life often brings a sense of understanding and of greater purpose. By sitting down and clarifying what you are actually working towards, you can become happier and make it easier for you to actually achieve those goals.

Are Your Goals Clear?

When your goals are clear, you often begin feeling a deeper sense of understanding and purpose. Many people have a vague idea of what they are working for, but an explanation of their goals lacks detail and nuance. For example, many people say they “want a raise.” But that isn’t necessarily clear is it? Do you want a promotion? Do you want to get a raise by getting an entirely new job? Some people may say, “I want to go back to school.” But similarly, the details are lacking. What do you want to study? What job do you want to get afterwards? How many years do you plan to spend in school? How much money are you going to invest in your education? Planning out the details put you in a better position for success.

Do You Have A Detailed Strategy?

Having goals isn’t enough. You need a strategy for reaching them. If you want a promotion—how are you going to go about doing that? Job performance is a part of that, but you may also need to network within your organization. You might need to show greater leadership by helping your co-workers with their projects. Figure out what your strategy is for your goal, and then stick to it. You’ll need a specific strategy for each individual goal you have, because you can’t attack two different goals the same way.

Man Thinking About Life Goals

Clarity Brings Understanding

Think about your own life. Have you ever taken the time to sit down and think about precisely what your goals are? Have you considered what your strategy is for reaching those goals? If not, you might benefit from thinking about how you can make those things more clear. Clarity often makes life feel simpler, and makes striving for goals easier. It removes the sense of a fog that makes it feel like we are wandering blind through life, without the ability to see the path that we need to be on.