The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. It has been incredibly stressful and disruptive for even the most calm and resourceful among us. So how can we find peace in chaotic times? How can you find inner calm even when it seems like a storm is raging around you? The answer is relatively simple. If you can find just 5 to 10 minutes per day when you can meditate and find a quiet space, you’ll have a head start. You also have to learn to drown out the excess noise and to focus on what matters most to you. Over time, you can learn to be calm in most chaotic and difficult situations.

Make Sure You Spend 5-10 Minutes A Day Meditating

Making the time to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day being mindful and meditating can really change your mental health in a positive way. Being mindful is being aware of your breath and your surroundings. It is imagining a positive environment in your mind. It is understanding your body’s sensations through your breath, and managing your emotions. By spending just a few moments a day doing this, you can start finding peace during any time period.

Find A Quiet Space, Even For A Few Moments

Finding a quiet space is a really underrated way to find some peace and be more calm. There’s always somewhere that is a little bit quiet, even if it is your car for the duration of your morning and afternoon commute. By finding that quiet and enjoying it, you can recharge and prepare yourself to deal with a more chaotic and hectic world.

Congratulate Yourself On How Far You’ve Come

Even in chaotic times, you have had some successes. A lot of our frustration and anxiety comes from the feeling that we have not accomplished anything. That isn’t true. By being able to function in such a difficult time period, you are already way ahead of the game. Make sure that you take the time to celebrate your success and to acknowledge your path. You’ll find that it makes you a little less anxious and that you’ll be better prepared for the future.

Lady Doing Meditation

You also have to learn to drown out the excess noise and to focus on what matters most to you. Being calm during difficult times is probably not going to be second nature. It is probably something that you are going to need to work on extensively. But you can take the time to figure it out, and the benefits are enormous. Finding that quiet space and being able to meditate and breathe for a few moments every day can truly do wonders for your mental health.