In today’s era of 24/7 news cycles and digital media, it can be tempting to stop reading. Sometimes you don’t even realize it. You consume so much television and digital smartphone apps that reading books just kind of falls by the wayside. But it is important to make sure that you don’t start letting dust gain on the books you have on the shelves. Reading–especially reading fiction–can help improve cognitive function, increase your vocabulary, and even increase your emotional intelligence. Here’s why you need to start reading books.

Your Brain Needs Exercise Too

A lot of us aren’t working our brains out as much as we need to. And that means that we aren’t getting the most out of our cognitive function. You need to take the time out to exercise your brain, and reading helps you to do that. Watching television and movies or scrolling through a social media feed can feel mindless. But when you read a fiction book, you have to recreate a scene in your own mind, and envision everything from the environment to the dialogue. This helps to keep your brain sharp.

Reading Can Enhance Your Vocabulary

Ever wonder how you can improve your vocabulary? Don’t want to spend hours sifting through online dictionaries? Think about expanding your book collection! Reading can significantly improve your vocabulary and the richness of good writing can explain the context in which a word was used. You can learn new words and start to apply them to your everyday life just by reading more often.

Reading Can Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

When you read fiction, you start to relate to the characters. You start to think from their perspective and see things through their point of view. This can help you improve your level of emotional intelligence in your own life. You can start to acknowledge that other people might not see things the same way that you do. You may start considering others’ feelings more. And improving your emotional intelligence can help you in both your professional and personal lives.

Reading Fiction Book

It can be quite easy to stop reading today. There are plenty of options for entertainment, including social media, on demand movies, and all sorts of other smartphone apps. But when you stop reading, you aren’t doing your brain any good. Your brain needs exercise, just like the rest of your body does. Reading fiction has a plethora of benefits, including increased cognitive ability, improved vocabulary, and better emotional intelligence. You’ll find that it is easier for you to think about other perspectives and to understand others. Take some time to look up some books in your favorite genre this summer–you’ll be glad that you did!