Change Management: Achieve The Most During The Change Process

We specialize in Change Management Consulting, Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching, Career Transition Coaching and Leadership Training to accelerate profitability and productivity throughout the organization.

Our services are tailored to your challenges, needs and people. Whether it is defining vision, gaining clarity on objectives, getting your team to collaborate effectively, or driving projects to the finish line, we assess your needs and facilitate the Change Process to increase your profitability and productivity.

Our work is based on the world's only client-driven and activity-specific change management system:

Based on your business principles we define strategies and behaviors necessary for success on every level within your organization. Leveraging your time, talent and resources we produce tangible results that contribute to bottom line success. The statements that follow are among the most common concerns we hear from the executive and management professionals we've worked with.

How many of these Deficits are true for your Organization?

  • "Our employees are not as productive as we need them to be - and nowhere near as productive as they could be."
  • "The requirements of current day leadership now exceed the abilities and capacity of growing numbers of our management and executive team members."
  • "Our veteran team members have 'retired in place,' becoming increasingly complacent, ambivalent and apathetic about the mission of our organization and their passion for its pursuit."
  • "Changes in our organization keep coming more quickly than ever before and it's harder to motivate our staff to accept, adapt and make the necessary shifts."
  • "The projects that arise from our strategic planning initiatives are never as thoroughly implemented as we need them to be."
  • "We lose the steam and momentum we had in our planning sessions and don't integrate the initiatives well with legacy programs."
  • "Managing change is an ongoing source of struggle in our organization, often resulting in dissention, conflict and political posturing."
  • "Our bottom-line focus has shifted from growth to survival, deflating the spirit of key staff members and undermining their resolve."
  • "Hours of our management team's productivity are being lost every day, handling (or trying to avoid) employee issues related more to personal stress and anxiety than to the work at hand."

Whether just one - or EVERY one - of the scenarios covered above is a part of your current reality, you DO have a tension management problem - and we can help!

ChangeWorks is the world's first and only Change Management Instrument, providing you with the insights, tools and techniques for maximizing productivity, even in times of greatest challenge. "ChangeWorks®" is a registered trademark of T. Falcon Napier & Associates, Inc.

How ready are you to deal with these situations in your organization?
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