Life Coaching

There are times when life unfolds in the wrong direction or spirals out of control. We are here to help you gain control over difficult situations, and we provide the guidance and support to overcome unprecedented challenges.

For the past 2 decades we have been guiding clients through their most difficult life-, career-, health- & relationship transitions, combining all our skills from life-, health- & career coaching to change management, and including a groundbreaking new way to lower stress and anxiety in the midst of adversity. Together we establish a solid direction and sense of normalcy, and we help you stay committed and moving forward until you live the life you envision for yourself.

What to Expect from Life Coaching?

  • Identify your true meaning and purpose in life
  • Become clear on what you want and don’t want in life
  • Gain self-esteem and confidence even in most difficult situations
  • Get a plan, get tools, get guidance, get motivated and get going
  • Have a confidential sounding board for your thoughts and ideas
  • Become who you can be
  • Create the life, career and relationships you want for yourself
  • Continue your spiritual journey

Our Services


Change Management

Gain Control of Change!

Whether it is a professional transition, defining vision and strategy, or getting your teams to collaborate, or whether you are adapting to new leadership, changing culture, structure and processes, we assess your exact needs and challenges, facilitate the change process, and keep you and your team aligned and moving forward!


Leadership Training

Discover the True Leader In You!

Leadership is any attempt made to directly influence the attitudes, beliefs, actions and behaviors of self and others. Being a leader means deeply effecting others. Leadership means understanding how to inspire others to go from here to there. Our job is it to help you do just that!


Executive Coaching

Expand Your Executive Framework!

Leaders are expected to be at their best, enhance productivity, motivate and engage their teams and produce stellar results at all times. Our job is it to help you do just that! We identify, reduce and eliminate challenges leaders are facing while performing at the top!


Performance Coaching

Excel at Achieving Results!

We enable leaders and teams to achieve high performance goals. As we identify obstacles that can get in the way, issues such as personality styles, communication, leadership styles, motivation, engagement and self-image gain greater importance in achieving goals that move the company forward!


Life Coaching

Life is Calling for Change!

Whether it is a loss of direction, an unforeseen life-, relationship-, or career change, or whether it is simply time to re-invent yourself, we evaluate the situation and identify the best way forward. We approach “Transitions” in an all-encompassing, holistic and practical way that leads to confidence in your next steps!


Outplacement Services

Looking at a Career Change!

Have you ever wondered how you can  take your career to the next level, as competition for top positions gets tougher? While a top executive resume and solid interviewing skills are a basic must, stellar professional and social skills are the price of admission, but still they are not enough!

Our Testimonials

Every single time Dave coaches me I learn something new. What’s more important though is that I learn something that makes a difference in my everyday life and in the business, and it is always something that helps me immediately. Dave’s coaching has been a life saver and I look forward to being Dave’s student for a very long time!

M.H. Managing Director, Financial Solutions Partners

When I contacted Fasold Global Consulting I wasn’t quite sure how life coaching could help me. A few months prior I was at the top of my career, had a wonderful family and a great life… until it all went away due to a burn-out. Starting the coaching with Regina Fasold has helped me understand how I did this to myself. Once I was ready to pick up the pieces, Regina was there to guide me to what I really wanted for myself. Slowly but surely I was able to re-invent myself and create a new career that is conducive to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

M.M. SVP Marketing/Sales, Switzerland

My life had become very difficult and I didn’t know how to change it all. Regina helped me realize things I hadn’t been able to see previously. Through her life coaching, I was able to find the way forward and work on a plan to face the future. It’s hard to put into words how much she has helped me. Regina helped me learn to pick myself up again when I didn’t think it was possible.

K.R. Office Manager, Orlando

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