We have coached over 500 senior c-level executives from companies such as:

Renaissance Hotel, Intercontinental Group, Microsoft, KPMG, ATT, AMEX, DHL, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Ernst & Young, Tiffany & Co., Baxter, Lenovo, Shell, BP, Swiss Life, Philip Morris, Merrill Lynch, Lufthansa, Dartmouth, GM, Novartis, BASF, Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Pontoon Solutions, Ceres Global, Scooterbug, ARDA, Red Lobster, Coca Cola and Universal Studios.

Our clients are located in 25 countries around the world, such as:

USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, The United Kingdom, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, The United Arabic Emirates, Kuwait, Australia, Slovenia, Russia, China (Shanghai), India (Bangalore, West Mumbai), and Singapore.

Read what our clients have said:

"You fully get me and what is going on. Your talent to look behind the scenes and to put all aspects into perspective keeps on creating incredible insights. Our meetings are an invaluable asset to my success"
- GM, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company, Germany


"Thanks a lot for your support and guidance. You are a big "thinker" and I appreciate your critical input and your responsiveness during these turbulent times."
- COO, Fortune 100, Consumer Goods, Singapore


"Our discussions helped me understand key drivers and certain aspects about myself and how I can maximize my own leadership and improve communication and teambuilding throughout the organization."
- CEO, Fortune 100 in Retail Industry, The Netherlands


"Regina is a masterful executive coach. In only one session she captured the full spectrum of my competencies, hidden talents and strengths, and she set the stage to get to work on shortcomings."
- CEO, Telecommunications Company, Boston Area


"Regina is an incredible listener. She is insightful and responsive and gently challenging me by offering new perspective and a step-by-step self-discovery method of digging deeper."
- CFO, Finance Industry, Orlando Area


"Our work has helped me recognize my full potential and reach out for what I really want."
- COO, Food Industry, Great Britain


"Supporting me with resources and vast experience you saved me time and energy and helped me accomplish goals faster".
- CFO, Finance Industry, Orlando Area


"I can't tell you how much you have helped me focus and gain confidence moving forward. Your insight and wisdom are invaluable and I look forward to continue our relationship as I look to strengthen my impact within the organization."
- HR Director, Retail Industry, Dubai


"When I returned to the office following your two days with us, the energy was everywhere. Managers were already sharing the entire experience and, of course, the Peoplemap™ with their staffs. The "Leadership Institute" staff group had connected in a way that had not happened before their meeting with you and they seemed to share a better understanding of each other. Feedback was nothing but positive. The message was already being integrated into the organization. This was my first attempt in the capacity of City Manager to organize an event of this nature in an effort to team-build and bring the management team together outside of the work environment. The follow-up questionnaires that were sent out to staff indicated that it was a great success, due to your connecting with the group in a positive and motivational way. I felt comfortable that this would work well in our organization, but to the extent that it energized the organization was even more than I had anticipated."
- City Manager, City of Santa Fe Springs California


"You knocked them dead! Our entire group was totally enthralled with your workshop. Everyone left feeling they had acquired a better understanding of human nature that would significantly improve their personal and professional relationships. Furthermore, they appear to have been right. After nearly two months, I am still getting positive feedback on the value they have found in the daily use of the Peoplemap™. Communication problems with fellow workers and family members have dwindled now that they have a tool to work with. We are very satisfied customers and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again soon."
- Director of Professional Development, Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers


"The Peoplemap ™ Program has had a significant impact on our organization. We have finally found an assessment and training program that is quick, easy to understand and not intimidating. It has set the ground work for managers and co-workers to be aware of and understand each others' similarities and differences and to use that knowledge to communicate more effectively with one another."
- Executive Administrator, Jacksonville Heart Center




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