Executive Coaching

Refining Your Executive Framework

We provide a discrete forum for leaders and executives to become sophisticated with the application of various concepts related to their roles, and we teach the skills required to excel in any leadership role.

Together, we develop your leadership presence, enhance executive charisma, improve communication, develop your teams, and elevate overall performance.

What to Expect from Executive Coaching?

  • Uncover blind spots and increase performance
  • Remove obstacles that are in the way of promotions
  • Enhance communication and leadership skills
  • Gain high-performance strategies for significant impact
  • Learn strategic and tactical problem-solving skills
  • Understand people’s development
  • Improve culture
  • Adapt to new corporate realities
  • Resolve managerial and behavioral problems among team members
  • Have a confidential advisor with whom to discuss challenges and bounce ideas off
  • Gain winning strategies to ease pressure
  • Lower stress and ensure work-life balance

Our Services


Change Management

Gain Control of Change

Whether you are transitioning professionally, defining vision and strategy, getting your teams to collaborate, or adapting to new leadership, culture change, structure, and processes, we assess your exact needs and challenges, facilitate the change process, and keep you and your team aligned and moving forward.


Leadership Training

Discover the True Leader In You

Leadership is an attempt to directly influence the attitudes, beliefs, actions, and behaviors of one’s self and others. Being a leader means deeply affecting others. Leadership means understanding how to inspire others to go from here to there. Our job is to help you do just that.


Executive Coaching

Expand Your Executive Framework

Leaders are expected to be at their best, enhance productivity, motivate and engage their teams, and produce stellar results at all times. Our job is to help you do just that. We identify, reduce, and eliminate the challenges that leaders face while performing at the top.


Performance Coaching

Excel at Achieving Results

We enable leaders and teams to achieve high-performance goals. As we identify obstacles that can get in the way, issues such as personality styles, communication, leadership styles, motivation, engagement, and self-image gain greater importance for achieving goals that move the company forward.


Life Coaching

Life is Calling for Change

Whether it is a loss of direction, an unforeseen life event, relationship, or a career change, or whether it is simply time to reinvent yourself, we evaluate the situation and identify the best way forward. We approach transitions in an all-encompassing, holistic, and practical way that leads to confidence in your next steps.


Outplacement Services

Looking at a Career Change

Have you ever wondered how you can take your career to the next level, as competition for top positions gets tougher? While a top executive resume and solid interviewing skills are a must, stellar professional and social skills are the prices of admission, but still they are not enough.

Our Testimonials

It is with absolute respect and appreciation that I share the positive impact Regina Fasold’s coaching has had on my leadership development over the past several months. Initially I didn’t understand the need for an executive coach but as it had been said, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Regina’s unique ability to connect and quickly understand my leadership strengths and opportunities made the process comfortable and quickly put me at ease. Through focused one-on-one discussions and coaching while working through day- to- day challenges and continued follow-up on specific areas, she helped to bring out the confidence, faith and awareness of my own abilities. I found Regina to be challenging and insightful while also being very patient and understanding. She has remarkable ability to know if there was something I might be holding back on discussing and doesn’t hesitate to bring it to my attention. My coaching experience to date has been amazing and I look forward to continued growth both personally and professionally as I continue to work with Regina.

RVP Resort Operations Central Region, Hospitality, Orlando FL

Regina Fasold is an expert on managing human dynamics and helping leaders understand how to assemble strong, cohesive teams and communicate in the most effective way. Her style is direct and to the point – a positive for the busy executive – yet she balances her feedback with compassion and care. Regina is also effective at conducting 360 feedback exercises and sifting through feedback for the most salient and actionable points a leader can use to maximize strengths or address an opportunity area. I highly recommend Regina!

E.E. Sr. Dir. Red Lobster

With Regina’s guidance, I have become a more effective people leader and communicator throughout our new organization. She has helped me learn how to accurately assess the needs of my team, the C-suite, and our board members, so that I may provide the right level of coaching and communication in a way that resonates well with all different audiences. She has also helped me identify the optimal skills needed for my team to drive a more effective recruiting strategy and better team performance. Regina has an incredible ability to quickly assess people’s styles and the root cause of a problem and ultimately provide effective, spot-on coaching.

D.C. SVP Marketing Red Lobster

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