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How To Stay Motivated In The Pandemic Era

Posted On: May 27th, 2020    By: Regina Fasold  To  Life Coaching

If you have had trouble staying focused and motivated in the pandemic era, you are not alone. COVID-19 has changed everyone’s routines, from going through government mandated lockdowns to changing the

Potential Alone Isn’t Enough

Posted On: March 26th, 2020    By: Regina Fasold  To  Career

How many times have you heard the phrase, “They’ve got a lot of potential.” Potential is almost a dirty word, because it can cover up a lot of flaws. There are plenty of people who begin their careers

How To Balance Teamwork And Individuality

Posted On: March 9th, 2020    By: Regina Fasold  To  Career

Both employees and employers are trying to find the right balance between teamwork and individuality. When you have too much individuality, teams can’t work together properly and team project goals don’t

How To Have Powerful Conversations

Posted On: February 22nd, 2020    By: Regina Fasold  To  Career

Looking to have powerful conversations that can inspire others? Want to make more of your conversations memorable? You aren’t alone. Fortunately, improving your ability to speak with purpose and leave

How to Inspire Others Through Leadership

Posted On: February 5th, 2020    By: Regina Fasold  To  Leadership

The ability to inspire others is key to becoming a strong leader. The best leaders have been able to inspire others to dream big and produce their best work. Think of some of the biggest names in technology

In today’s workforce, having a social media presence is crucial for success. That is because so many businesses today are looking for talented employees who aren’t just skilled at their jobs, but who

It can be tempting to think that you can go it alone when you are in a managing role of an organization. If you were one of the founding members of the organization, then it can be even more tempting to

Learning How To Market Yourself

Posted On: December 19th, 2019    By: Regina Fasold  To  Life Coaching

Ready to go find that new job? Trying to get promoted internally? Switching careers? No matter what you are doing, you are going to have to learn how to market yourself. Marketing ability isn’t something

The Power Of Repetition

Posted On: December 2nd, 2019    By: Regina Fasold  To  Life Coaching

The power of repetition is immensely powerful. How do surgeons become elite? By practicing for thousands of hours in medical school. How do athletes become elite? By training for thousands of hours in

How To Build And Reinforce A Positive Culture

Posted On: November 16th, 2019    By: Regina Fasold  To  Leadership

All managers want their employees to maximize their abilities. However, many managers aren’t putting their employees in a position to be successful. Managers need to understand the importance of